Company History & Profile

In 1982 Filetul transformed its wholesale business into production of cotton laces for home textiles. As the use of lace expanded into fashion, and through exhibiting at international fairs, Filetul became an established supplier for world-leading apparel companies.

Today prestigious high, middle and mass market women's and kids' brands form the majority of Filetul's production. Filetul yarn and fabrics are exported to all seven continents allowing it to grow from an only 3 employee firm to an over-80-people team, and from only a handful of machines to a 81-machinery mill in the last 30 years thanks to our loyal and growing client portfolio.

Throughout years Filetul has placed its name in the global market with its export volume, product quality and well-respected R&D department. Filetul is located in Istanbul's Hadimkoy textile center on a 11,000 m² area and it has 300 tons fabric production capacity per month. Filetul owns patents of most of its unique fabrics in a library of thousands of designs.

With its expertise in lace, mesh, jacquard and other machine-knitted fabrics Filetul expanded its services to the Americas In July 2016 forming Filetul New York Inc. in the USA. Filetul NY Inc. aims to strenghten company's position in the Americas, to provide a better communication and sales channel to its customers on the continent.

Serving some of the top global firms, Filetül continues to lead in its area of expertise with an innovative vision, a professional service and over 35 years of experience on a wide range of yarns and fabrics.


Services & Products

Filetul specializes in knit fabrics including polyester, micro, lycra and cotton lace types, tulles, jacquards (standard and electronic), crochets, mesh, a wide range of raschel qualities and pleated versions of these.

Filetul has over 81 latest-technology machines in the circular knitting, warp-knitting, pleating, warp, fixing and quality control categories and it continuously invests in upgrading and improving its technical department. 

From 2,5 fines to 36 fines, from 4 combs to 36 combs, Filetul fabrics come in numerous parameters, many weights and qualities (polyester, polyamid, acrilic, cotton, fancy, elastane and blended yarns).

With an in-house design team supported by an accomplished Research & Development department, -in addition to internal yarn production and fabric dyeing services- Filetul is proud to be a long-time supplier for leading international names in the apparel business.

In 2017, Filetul formed a new department for apparel manufacturing to accommodate those who need yarn-to-apparel service.